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e-investars.com Revshare
 Last Paid: Sep 9th, 2017
    • Earn.E-investars is hub of advertisement place, where peoples advertise to earn not just organic real quality traffic but also some limited cash back for it's advertisement! Earn.E-investars is affiliated with E-investars which "Reviews" & "Monitor" high risk takers and opportunity makers sites! In this Dark Venture E-investars sparking light for peoples who are looking to earn money online or advertise there Blog, Brand, Businesses, e-commerce, or even their traffic exchange sites and High Yeild Investment Projects! Free sign up today to explore more!
  • Paying
    e-investars.com Revshare screenshot
    day 92
    Monitoring Since: Jun 20th, 2017
    day 92
    Staked Fund: $200
    ROI Achievement:
    Fund Earned:
    Features:SSL DDOS Anti-DDOS-BlockDos Custom-Script
    e-currencies:PerfectMoney Payeer BitCoin
    Plans: 2.6% Revenue share, until 120% ROI
     Last Paid: Sep 15th, 2017
      IP : Stockholm [Dedicated]
      Hosting : CloudFlare [Dedicated]
      Script : Custom
      Payment : Manual (Max 30 hours)
      Min Deposit : 0.01BTC
      Max Deposit : no limit
      Affiliate: 5%
      LifeTime since: july 19th 2017
  • Paying
    Chain.Group screenshot
    day 55
    Monitoring Since: Jul 27th, 2017
    day 63
    Staked Fund: Deposit $200
    ROI Achievement:
    157% profitable
    Fund Earned:
    161% in profit
    Features:SSL Custom-Script
    e-currencies:PerfectMoney Payeer BitCoin
    Plans: Investment Plans: 0.1-10% daily, depends on a Trade Group offer