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I have been noticing that in this month, Project buys 2 or 3 Monitors with Top Sticky Insurance Listing, and there is this idea in HYIP that early invest and early get out, with that point of view all the so-called pro investors jump into the project for many reasons!
1) First reason is to Take Advantage of Insurance money, because they "Think" that even if project scams in 1 day, they got insured with $500, which is not the case if there are 2k deposit you will be insured 1 of 4th your money, for example: if you invest $100, you will get covered by insurance $25, "if there is 2k deposit" this happened with Crypto-goal.com and buzz-wallet.biz already!

2) one of the second reason is that admin shows himself rich with the fancy top listing in 2 or 3 monitors from day 1, and peoples are so dumb it's just 2 or 3 monitors that they bought, wait for at least 6 to 7 or 10 monitors, because who knows? those 2 or 3 monitors are the admin of that project?

I know if you play the HYIP early you will be playing 3 to 4 cycles and get handsome money, but Jumping Too early in the project can cause you to lose money as well, always look into hyips who is getting weekly 1 or 2 monitors ( you can see weekly added monitors stats at allstats.io ) to stable the cash flow, There are many good Monitors from all around the world, getting 1 can trigger that nations users and investors to look into your project!

Let see how these Admin playing with us!
~Making 1 HYIP with a good template and licensed script can cost you $350 to $499
~Getting Insurance Listing at Invest-Tracing, one of the oldest player among us no doubt! $999 with insurance and fee!
~Getting 2 more monitors with activation fee $100x 2= $200

So the total cost of project $1500 to $1700
and how much they get in 1 day from Pro investors who wants to hit and run?
Nearly about $5000USD, do not believe me? here you can see: http://prntscr.com/pcgnuc