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Super Crypto  
 Last Paid: Nov 1st, 2019
    • Script: GoldCoders
      Payment: Manual
      Min Deposit: $35
      LifeTime since: OCT 6, 2019
  • Not Paying
    Super Crypto screenshot
    day 30
    Monitoring Since: Oct 6th, 2019
    day 30
    Invested: $60
    ROI Achievement:
    Fund Earned:
    Features:SSL DDOS GoldCodersScript
    Plans: 2.4% Weekly, for 775 Days, 3.5% daily, for 120 days, 4% daily, for 60 days, 5% daily, for 30 days
    Hi there,
    I am glad to help if you have any problem. But complaint should be supported by verifiable proof, such as url link (e.g to forum) which would verify that you or some other people have a problem. If your issue is Pending Withdrawal for more than promised time frame, please supply your Username and Password. In this case, image proof is not acceptable since it can be faked easily using Adobe PhotoShop. After verify, I will gladly contact the admin on your behalf and move the program to On Hold Category.

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