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Forex King  
 Last Paid: Feb 11th, 2016
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    day 1429
    Monitoring Since: Jan 12th, 2016
    day 1553
    Invested: $500 Insurance
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    Fund Earned:
    171% in profit
    Features:DDOS GoldCodersScript TrustWave EV-SSL
    e-currencies:PerfectMoney Payeer BitCoin
    Plans: 2.1% - 2.7% for 15 - 60 Calendar Days (Principal Return)

    RCB Rates

    Deposit % 1st Deposit Re-Deposit
    Min Max RCB Bonus RCB Bonus
    $1 $10 1.00% 3000% $1.00 0% $2,000.00

    RCB (Referral Commission Back)


    ⋆ You must be a E-investars.com referral to enjoy RCB from us..

    ⋆ RCB request must be submitted within 24 hours after deposit (BTC within 48 hours).

    ⋆ We will only process RCB if we had withdrawn the referral commission from the project!

    ⋆ RCB must be requested at the same Payment Processor as your deposit - except STP, Cryptocurrencies and AdvCash.

    ⋆ BitCoin RCB is based on BlockChain Live Rate when the payment being processed.

    ⋆ If you invest through internal balance you will not get RCB as we do not get referral commission from the project!

    Apply RCB what you exactly deposit, otherwise system detects it as No Investment!.

    ⋆ If you want to spam our RCB system you are Most Welcome but kindly change your IP, Email, Username and payment processor for your multiple accounts, otherwise system detects it and your RCB will be counted as No Investment!

    "LOGIN" to get extra 50% RCB!

    If you find any difficulty, feel free to drop me an email at admin@e-investars.com

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    RCB Requests for Forex King | RCB Deposit: $40 | RCB Paid: $16

    Date User Deposit/RCB Account Status
    Jun 15th, 2017 21:43:41 alo**** $10.00/$4.00 PerfectMoney U73******* Paid
    Jun 15th, 2017 21:43:46 she****** $10.00/$4.00 PerfectMoney U70******* Paid
    Jun 15th, 2017 21:43:50 san******* $10.00/$4.00 PerfectMoney U70******* Paid
    Aug 26th, 2016 15:08:12 tes******* $10.00/$4.00 PerfectMoney U55******* Paid