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Sep-11-2017 12:55:04 AM

Top investors gets Revshare Adpacks Free

<b>Hello, everyone!
This month who ever becomes top investors they will get our http://e-investars.com/earn Revshare adpacks as Bonuses!
1st position will get 3 <b>Proto Star</b> adpacks/shares
2nd position will get 2 <b>Proto Star</b> adpacks/shares
3rd position will get 1 <b>Proto Star</b> adpacks/shares

Rest top 7 will get some basic instant cash bonuses!
Keep Following us, will give big shares!
You need to login and then apply for RCB for that:http://e-investars.com/login

Jul-4-2017 12:59:28 PM